12 Dec 2017

Romance in Real Estate

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I call it the ROMANCE IN REAL ESTATE because…

Real estate can be so much more than most people are aware of. Most are unsure of the possibilities existing in their dreams which can convert emotion into the knowledge that will go into the buying and selling the homes and places in which to buy or live.

Frustrations exist when attempting to reach from feelings,  desires and dreams to buying or selling the actual properties. Reality steps in when you have to be strategic in buying what will probably be one of the biggest investments of your life.

Remember it’s better to regret what you’ve done rather than regret what you haven’t done. Buy that apartment or house and worry later about regrets. Make sure to get the right value for your money and remember that life is a big theatrical production and you are the starring character.

Well, maybe not…I may be the starring character because I am the real estate expert who can bring your dreams to fruition. You can dream while your realtor makes those dreams a reality. There are so many intricacies that goes with buying and selling property that only an experienced realtor can eliminate and illuminate all that goes into making a successful deal.

Your desire to own anything from a cottage to a castle starts the love affair between you and your home. Everyone dreams so in that moment you first see it romance and emotion will rise up in you. It starts with the dream, because, as the song goes from South Pacific…


♫ ”you’ve got to have a dream, cause if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?”  ♫


That’s the way the song goes and that’s the way life goes.    Find your dream. It’s calling to you but you have to answer the call not ignore it.

For all your question about any and all Real Estate in South Florida or anywhere in the world; which I have at my finger tips,  call Bob Schafer of Coldwell Banker at 807-9903 or email  rs312000@bellsouth.net